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"Old Death was very old, older than anybody could imagine.

“Always keep alive a soul of a child inside your heart, no matter, how long you live, no matter what shit you are going through. Don't let that flame of yours die, etcetera, etcetera.”

Old Death had heard enough of this bullshit during her endless life on Earth. Easier said than done. What bloody innocence and flames of heart could she have, when there was nothing left for her: she could not see anything anymore and was almost blind. Last time she had seen a human face was twenty years ago. It did not matter that much for Old Death's professional duties. Her skills were in her fingers and maybe it was more comfortable not to see the faces of her victims. Old Death had became almost deaf as well, it was twenty-eight years since she had heard anything with her left ear for the last time; which was just perfect, because her victims used to scream too, but she preferred peace above all things. She could talk, however, just as much as before.

From all the pleasures of life only eating and smoking remained. Although she enjoyed a friendly conversation, there were no friends left to speak with. As Old Death was unique, nobody thought of allowing her to retire from her duties, she could do very well until the world ended."

Old Death
Scene from the spectacle
Scene from the spectacle
Scene from the spectacle
Bird Child
Scene from the spectacle
Scene from the spectacle
Death of a Mouse
Soul of a Mouse
Dead Mouse
Mice Angels
Old Death in process
Contract with Death
Bony the Dog
A moment before
A moment before
A moment before
The Boudoir
The boudoir
Apprentice of Death

From "The Tale of Old Death"

In  2015, at Ģertrūdes Street Theatre in Riga we created a black humour marionette spectacle  for grown-ups "The Tale of Old Death".  The story was initially based on experiences with naivety and old age (with all due respect to Monsieur Pierre, my former landlord in Ouistreham) depicted in "Old Death and a Heart of a Child". As rehearsals continued, the story was created and recreated again until it became a narrative about Old Death's desperate search for a new apprentice.

Director & playwright: Ģirts Šolis

Artist and storyteller : Velta Emīlija Platupe

Sound: Normunds Zālamans

With Kristians Kareļins, Madars Zvagulis and Aleksejs Geiko

Photos by Anete Skuja and Agnese Zeltiņa

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