Angels as Models

Angel of Infinite Possibilities

Dedicated to Alexis and the long months he had to spend in bed.

Watercolor, pastel, tea on paper


Angel of Roses

Dedicated to Daniela, who wanted a big, big portrait and loved to draw.

Watercolor on paper


There Are Different Ways How Children Go to Heaven

Dedicated to children in Mariupol and to Klāvs, my first model in the hospital.

Watercolor, ink, pastel on paper


Three Cherubs

Dedicated to the abstract and beautiful concept of angels and their role in human life.

Watercolor on paper


Shy Angel

Dedicated to Līna and her wonderful talents to think and create.

Watercolor on paper


Last Evening Before the War

Dedicated to Frančeska Klēra and to all the good things that are easily broken.

Watercolor, pastel on paper


Cat Angel

Dedicated to Frančeska Klēra, a passionate admirer of cats and all living things.

Watercolor, tea, pastel on paper


Angel Near the Creek

Dedicated to the abstract and beautiful concept of angels and to a peaceful garden in the woods of Latvia.

Watercolor on paper